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Women linked and networked in the Belgian government departments

In a constantly changing professional environment,

FELINK listens to its members. 

FELINK is the Independent Belgian government departments Network that puts Women first. FELINK aims to support all women in the Belgian government departments with focus on federal departments in developing their networks, as well as their personal development and careers opportunities. FELINK is gender inclusive and open to the private sector.

FELINK also aims to stimulate diversity by drawing attention to gender equality in the workplace and raising management awareness of the issue. FELINK offers women free activities that will help them in their professional life in all areas and professions of the Belgian administration. FELINK is a network that has existed for more than 15 years and has more than 1500 members.

FELINK works to promote the careers of girls and women in the public sector by actively supporting government recruitment departments in these fields through free workshops aimed at women, communication campaigns for recruitment to vacant posts in the Belgian public administration (ICT sector, Economy and Finance, etc.), by collaborating in the drafting of recruitment advertisements (gender-sensitive drafting), proposing free conferences to raise awareness and debate the representation of women in society, and by highlighting the role of media in the education (e.g. the role of toys in education), by creating partnerships with other Belgian and European (public and private) networks that are also active in this sector, by calling on Belgian political players and inviting them to play an active part in FELINK's current Projects and Events in this area,… 



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